Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Life in Colours.

Okeydokes ... my fingers are itching to type another post !

This time: My very first colour film shot with my dear Diana F+ !

I was really surprised how this film turned out !

A tad too dark overall for my taste, but that had more or less to be expected,
because most of the pictures were taken indoors in more or less bad lightning.

Then again I really love the effects.


What kind of equipment did I use ?

Camera: Lomography's Diana F+ in the special edition 'Glow'

Film: 120 mm, Lomography's Color Negative ISO 400.


More film scans to be posted soon ! :D

Also I placed my first fisheye film for development -
& I'm almost bursting of excitement !!! :D

Finished !

Thank you again for reading !


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