Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

A new year and a new post !

Hello there !

It's quite late for a first post of the year, but let's not mind that ;)

(Better late then never is what I tend to say...)

So... this blog is still active !
(even though it didn't really seem that way during the past months but OK)

I'll try to blog more this year, because I actually really like blogging,
let's see how well this will work out !


So I have some  interesting news for you today:

I'd like to introduce one of my current bands,
called Daedric Tales.

We're a Symphonic Power Metal band from Vienna
and I'm their vocalist.

You can find us on:



(Please visit and share ! :))

AND we play our first live in Vienna on the
27th of April 2013.

Location: AERA
               (Gonzagagasse 11 Vienna, AT 1010)

(flyer by Tamás Künsztler)

Be sure to attend !

This will be an event you won't want to miss out on !!!

See you there ! :D

Thank you for reading !


Have a good night or day - wherever you are ! :)


  1. hab dich grad über sylvia erstalkt XD wusste net, dass du auch einen blogspot hast. kannte nur deinen japanischen blog. bin selber noch neu bei blogspot xD
    mal schaun ob ich da frei hab an dem tag vom konzert;-; mag dich singen hörn

    1. Hahah ! Das wär super, würd mich freuen wenn du kommen würdest! Frag den Dushi auch ob er kommen mag, vlt interessiert ihn das ja auch :)