Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita

Good evening everyone!

Today is Sunday and I was able to wear Lolita for meeting up with my band members from Desire .
I'm a big Emily Temple Cute fan and one of my favourite dresses of theirs is the "Alice Tea Party" JSK which I wore today!

On to today's challenge topic!

01. To feel as if you just descended from another planet. A frilly one of course.

02. The shape of the clothes. Full, poofy and all romantic.

03. The cuteness. In my opinion nothing is fuller of cutesiness than dresses with lots of frills, lace and adorable prints on them.

04. Spending time with other Lolitas and of course, making friends :)
It's just so nice to have some buddies with whom you can babble freely about all things Lolita.

05. All the different sorts of things to wear on your head! All the bows! Hats! Bonnets! Wigs!

06. Second hand shopping. If it weren't for second hand stuff my closet would probably be all empty.

07. Bags of all shapes and sizes. Gone are the days of boring bags in similar shape; in Lolita you can literally get it in whatever shape you desire, no matter if star, heart, book, ribbon, candy, bear, horse, bunny....etc.

08. I'm totally addicted to well written Lolita blogs, as well as interesting vlogs. Sometimes I just spend my time watching Lolita themed channels on YT.

09. Crazy things you stumble across when you're interested in Lolita related stuff. Like the movie 'Kamikaze Girls' which I adore to bits!

10. Lolita fashion magazines. Every time I have the opportunity to grab one of them, I do. I could spend hours drooling over beautiful coordinates and sometimes I imagine what I'd buy if I had all the moneyz x'D

Ah...all the Lolita joy...
thinking about all the beautiful stuff makes me love Lolita even more!

Thanks for reading & see you tomorrow :)

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