Montag, 20. Januar 2014

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita

Hello there, hope you're having a good day!

I'm still in my PJs and it's already noon... but at least I haven't been lazy!
Spent my morning doing obligatory stuff like laundry and washing the dishes - nothing too exciting yet.

I've got a huge to-do-list for today though; I've got to study for a bunch of exams, clean my room, do the groceries, go to an oboe rehearsal... all in all it's going to be a busy day, but probably not very interesting x'D

Let's start with today's challenge then~

 01. I really dislike what Lolita does and has done to my finances. If we're being honest everything is just damn expensive and we're all fools to buy stuff for those kind of prices; but we do it anyway ^^;

02. Unneccessary bitching in communities, especially online. We should really try to remind ourselves to rather support each other than to harm one another. Luckily I feel that the Austrian Lolita community is more or less drama-free; still what you see going on online is just ridiculous.

03. Deflating petticoats. Why the hell do you do this to us?

04. The lack of Lolita stores in Europe. It would be so nice to just walk into a store and be able to buy stuff in real-life than mainly online.

05. The pain of having to pay horrendous extra sums if you're beloved purchase gets stuck in costums.

06. Long wanted items you ordered online which are just being snatched away in front of your very nose for multiple times.

07. The fact that you have to worry about how to wash a ~300€ brand piece while you don't have to think twice about throwing your Bodyline into the washing machine.

08. The lack of safe storage spaces for your parasol. Be it at university or the office, I've always had problems with my parasol falling down if I try to lean it onto something else. Gets really old with time.

09. Having your period while wearing Lolita.

10. Differing shoe sizes. There are just shoes which have a larger or smaller fit depending on their design; Unlickily it's never mentioned on the sites if they do run big or small for their size. So ordering online is basically guessing and hoping for the best.

That's about it I guess ^^
Even though there are some things in Lolita that could drive you mad sometimes, the love for it just makes it all worth again and again.

In the final months of 2013 I kind of fell back in love with Lolita all over again after not wearing it too often for a year or so. After the IW Tea Party in Vienna my old love and inspiration for creating lolita outfits came back with a bang and I'm really glad about that :)

 I'll better get going now, there are lots of things waiting to be done !

Thank you for reading & have a productive day!

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