Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like

Good day to all of you!

Today I'm in a superb mood! One of my dream dresses is on its way to me & I just can't wait to finally hold it in my arms and drool over it non-stop...

I love those designs Innocent World produces: romantic, yet very elegant at the same time <3
And after this dress had been snatched away from me once before I was just so happy when I heard that it would finally be mine this time! Excited! :D

Today's challenge topic: food <3

01. I adore Japanese cuisine; especially Maki (Futo Maki are the best!) and Sushi, Miso soup, Udon, everything including Tofu, Natto... *never-ending-list*

02. Indian food, especially vegetable curry of all sorts and samosas. Mhhhhm.

03. Vegan food. Even though I'm pescetarian I just looove vegan stuff. Too delicious.

04. Seafood. All of it. Mussels, shrimps, eel and lots of fish.

05. Bread. I have a soft spot for bread in my heart. Really good, fresh one I like to eat plain.

06. Vegetables all the way. Broccoli, spinach, leeks, green beans, chickpeas, carrots, lentils ... *never-ending-list*

07. Fruits. I'm such a fruit addict. Special love for bananas, apples and berries.

08. Breakfasty stuff. My favourite meal of the day is breakfast. There are so many great opportunities from sweet to savory; From pancakes to omlette ... you can have everything!

09. Sweets from all over the world. I like simple cakes, but also lots of other desserts. Like macarons, tartelettes, sweet pies, donuts, crème brulée, Belgian waffles, crèpes, roll cake ... etc.

10. Homemade soups. There's nothing better in winter than some hot, tasty soup. Carrot soup, tomato soup, pumpkin soup, potato soup, garlic soup, onion soup....

As you probably noticed, I'm quite the foodie ^^
I just enjoy good food very much and even though I have a sweet tooth, I adore healthy food equally.

Thank you for reading & see you tomorrow!

Bye! :)

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