Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2014

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist

Good morning again!

Are you tired of the amount of Lolita on my blog yet? xD

I want to employ a cleaning-woman to keep my room looking shiny and nice.
If you have cats you might recognize that problem; as soon as you're done with cleaning up, a day later there will be fur, fuzz and other stuff flying around your place all over again.

I sometimes really wish I had gotten hairless cats, even though I love my hairy cuddly boys to bits.

Today's challenge subject is to create a wishlist of 10 items... only ten? ; _ ; 

(pic from some blog, sorry I really don't remember which one it was :-/)

Emily Temple Cute Biscuit Print OP (in pink)
My absolute number 1 of dream dresses & I've already had to leave it behind (with a heavy heart) at the store twice, because it was horrendously expensive and I couldn't afford getting it. One day, one day... it is going to be mine for sure.

 Angelic Pretty's O-Sanpo Candy-chan OP (in red)
Another piece that I've been adoring for years. Unfortunately it's very rare and hard to find, especially in this colourway. Still, I really would like to get it in the future.

Innocent World's Doll House Sleeveless OP (in lilac)
"Old loves die hard" I'd say to this one; more stuff that I've been admiring for ages and almost got it once aswell. Well, I'll be here waiting for it to pass by again.

Emily Temple Cute's Pippi Longstocking JSK (preferably in pink)
This one I just stumbled upon again recently and I'm head over heels in love with the adorable print. Further this would be a really special one for me to own, because Pippi Longstocking has always been my idol throughout childhood. The red hair I have aquired now, the freckles unfortunately failed to arrive so far ;)


 Alice and the Pirates' St. Mephisto Cathédrale (in lilac)
With me and this dress it was love at first sight xD Unfortuneately I seem to have a knack for stuff that is hardly available anywhere hahah... lucky me ( - __- ) ;

Alice and the Pirates' Vampire Requiem JSK (in red)
Ahh... my gothic heart is thumping at the sight of this beauty! Vampires, gates, crosses... what more can you wish for? Again a hugely popular print in a very popular colourway.

Angelic Pretty's Fantastic Dolly JSK (in red)
This dress just gives off the ultimate retro feel and I have a thing for red and polka dots in general - therefore this one just belongs on my wishlist ^^

 Baby, The Stars Shine Bright's Ribbon Heart Bag
Such a nice lolita bag I think. Easy to match with your stuff and probably handy if you don't need to take loads of stuff out with you. I'd probably get it in full black or red with white details.


 Emily Temple Cute's Matryoshka OP (in mint)
A recent piece from their collection. I adore anything with babushkas/matryoshkas on it in the first place, so this is the piece to get for me. Isn't it lovely?


Innocent World's Rottenburg JSK (in bordeaux)
I didn't even know this print existed for a long time, but after the IW Tea Party in Vienna I began looking around for more of their prints. The fade of the colour and the night time scenery of the city are done so beautifully, it amazes me again and again.

Generally I need more socks, overknees, blouses and bags to coordinate, but I didn't really want to list them here, so I opted for more of a 'dream dress list'.

Also I have to say if you throw whatever ETC my way there's a high possibility I might like it. I enjoy about 90% of the stuff they make.
Further I've discovered my adoration for IW last year. There are so many of their recent prints that I'd like to get that this list would be litereally exploding.

Wow, this turned out to be one huge post!

Thank you for making it this far!

Goodbye for now!

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