Dienstag, 14. Januar 2014

Newsflash 1.0


Once I'm here already, I figured why not throw out another post...

I know it's already out of season by now - but I anyways wanted to post the two vlogs I filmed during Christmas time for my YT channel purplecatbaguette .


What else have I been up to recently?

During the past few months I've been playing several live gigs with my band Daedric Tales and finished working on the first mini-release of my other band Desire, which is going to be released soon. (I also put up a new facebook page for Desire, check it out if you like ;))

In autumn I changed university studies and currently I'm studying Maths (YES Maths, this is not a typo xD) and preparing for an entrance exam at an fh.

I've totally fallen in love with Lolita fashion again.
For a while I didn't wear it too much, because my petticoat had deflated and I was missing some other items that would have been handy for coordinating (I somehow find it really hard to acquire nice blouses and tops which go well with Lolita.)

However in the course of the last year my closet gained a few basic items that are pretty nice to combine with Lolita and I wanted to wear it more often again.
With the beginning of the new year I also got a new skirt from Emily Temple Cute and another headbow from Angelic Pretty, aswell as... a petticoat :D

So whoopie! The fashion fun can begin now once again!

I haven't been photographing as much recently. I still have tons and tons of polaroids to scan though (and scanning polaroids is a pain in the butt, so it won't happen anytime soon I assume xD)

Another fairly new developed passion of mine: I listen to Death Metal
I used to despise any sort of growling a few years ago... and now under the influence of Metal festivals and my band members from Daedric my musical taste has been taken to the next level x'D

I guess these are all the shocking news for now :P

Have a good night or day, wherever you are!
Thanks for reading!

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