Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

Happy International Lolita Day!


On 7th of June again International Lolita Day had arrived!
Some of the local Lolitas had decided to meet up and I was happy I could join in too!

 credit for this picture goes to the lovely Varis Varjo !

We met up at Minoritenplatz and took some pictures at the church, because it offered a pretty background!

I had decided to go for sweet this time!
The dress once belonged to a friend of mine, I've always admired it and now, a couple of years later, it is part of my wardrobe ;)

It was really hot outside, so the cotton fabric was definitely the perfect choice!

I also always enjoy when I am able to show my tattoo while wearing lolita! 
(Makes me feel all badass, haha :P)

After we had taken the pictures we went to see the exhibitions displaying imperial silverware and the rooms of the imperial residence at the Sissi Museum.
I had already visited the exhibitions once before with a friend of mine, but it was nice to revisit anyways. I especially liked some of Sissi's dresses that were displayed, although it is frightening to see how small her waist was!

As soon as that was completed, we continued to an Italian restaurant to fill our growling stomaches!
In the end of our meet-up we were on our way to the underground station and three of us stopped at Eisgreissler for some delicious (mostly) vegan ice-cream, yum! 

Again I enjoyed myself a lot! 
I'm glad that even though it is summer and really warm, our community is still meeting up bravely.

What was really nice today was that so many people walked up to us and asked us very politely about our fashion and were genuinely interested in it! Some people even wanted to take pictures with us too.
So many compliments and positive comments - people should always be like this ;)

Hope all the lolitas out there had an enjoyable International Lolita Day too!

I had a lovely one and now I'll be going to bed - band rehearsal tomorrow morning!
Nighty night!

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