Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014

Life Update: cakes, bands and dresses!

Hello hello,

It has been a little quiet around here recently, but at least I'm not letting this blog die off completely xD
I'm in the middle of my preparations for taking entrance exams, so I don't have much time to do anything else - except when some special occasions occur!

Last weekend two of my bandmates from Daedric Tales celebrated their birthdays and I decided to surprise them by baking cupcakes and a cake for their party.

I tried working with fondant for the first time and it was rather giving me a hard time, being all bitchy and tearing on the edges of the cake, so I had to take it off the cake again and smooth th edges out completely.

The end result looked like this:

For the ones who do not know, this is the character BMO from the cartoon series 'Adventure Time', which my bandmate Yra loves!

The cake itself was a rich chocolate cake with chocolate chips and contained a cream cheese filling with sliced strawberries :) Yummy!

I also baked banana-walnut cupcakes with white chocolate-vanilla frosting (which I had dyed yellow with food colouring to look like cheese) but the only picture I could take before the guests started to devour them turned out blurry :(

They were very tasty though too!

...What else is going on right now?
Well as I'm talking already about band-related stuff I might aswell continue that way!

I also sing in a second band and we're finally going to launch our mini-release which we have been working on!
The release is going to take place on June 8th, which is already the upcoming Sunday!
You'll find the links to it on our Facebook page, please take a look!

Today I've been cleaning and arranging things/rooms all day long because our new-flatmate-to-be visited the flat for the first time and my room was still chaotic before that xD
Luckily everything went well!

I found that this song is very good when you're doing something you're not really keen on doing (like tidying and cleaning for instance :P) :

I also stumbled over one of my dream-dresses today and ...ermh...yeah...
... I had to purchase it xD (although I should  be saving money, damn it!)

I'll post about it as soon as it arrives! *____*

Good night for now, tomorrow will be a busy day again!

Thank you for reading! <3

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