Dienstag, 27. Januar 2015

I'm back with a tag

Hello there people and welcome to 2015!

This blog has unfortunately been inactive for over half a year now. Time just swept by and I was all busy applying for a couple of courses of studies. Eventually I passed an entrance exam and have been studying there since last autumn. The general workload is quite big and during exam periods I'm just impeccably stressed and busy.

Nevertheless I hope that I will be able to share some bits and pieces of my life here again on this blog and also do that more frequently!

I'm starting off with a tag video I already filmed at the end of December!
I did the Harry Potter Tag! :D

I have been in a major Harry Potter phase since the Christmas holidays! Been listening to some of the audio books and also bought some books!

Ein von @thefatflatcat gepostetes Foto am

I even dressed up as Harriet Potter for a friend's costume-birthday-party! :)

Ein von @thefatflatcat gepostetes Foto am
I hope I'll have some time during the semester break to read more.
Do you have a favourite Harry Potter book?

Thank you for reading!

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