Montag, 21. September 2015

Birthday spoils!

Hello again! (*´・v・)

On 2nd of September I celebrated my birthday with a bunch of friends!
It was so much fun, I think this was the best birthday I've had so far.

In order to give more people the chance to hang out together (and because I wanted to have tea and beer on the same day hehe :P) I held two parties that day.

In the afternoon we went to the Café "Little Britain". I love it so much there, it's just comfortable, the service personell is so nice and of course food and drinks are delicious. I also adore the interior of the café, it has such a cute style. Many of my friends liked it very much aswell, I'm glad about that.
So we indulged ourselves just like we should!

Tea time trays full of sweets and sandwiches, yum!
I also had my instax mini with me and took some pictures.

My outfit which I wore to the café!
I wanted to doll up, but keep it simple at the same time.
I adore IW's "Gertrude" so much, it is one of my dream dresses and its print is just the most wonderful one ever.

In the evening we hung out at "Rupp's Bierlokal", this place had been recommended to me by some people and I also read very positive reviews online, so I had decided to give it a go. It was definitely worth it! They have vegan/ vegetarian cuisine there, plenty of craft beer and also a wide range of whiskey.
I had a really tasty burger containing a millet patty and veggies.
It was huge and quite cheap for its size!

It was a really comfy and all in all enjoyable day! I'm so lucky to have such cool friends.
I still think about that day a lot and it makes me smile :)

I received some really amazing presents too!
A group of friends got me a wand! How cool is that? Now I'm finally ready to return to Hogwarts ;)
I also got a snitch from Yra and Berni, hehe! There's a watch inside and I love it to bits.

Vivaldi of course had to check out my present as soon as I brought them home.

 I was sloppy enough to only photograph one part of my presents... oh well xD

More presents included: A watch necklace from Lisa, "Beedle the Bard" from the Party People gang, a flower from Vero, a bottle post containing a voucher from Claudia (such a creative idea!), a notebook (and matcha sweets, but I ate all of them already haha) from Kathi, a baking glove and pot cloth from Franzi, candy, a notebook and an octopus necklace from Dani and green tea from Sandra!
Thank you all so much :)

Also recieved a curling iron and an incredibly rad pair of cat pants (makes me feel like a true cat boss) from my mum and my brother baked marzipan brownies for me (I lived off the stock for an entire week xD)

 I also had to spoil myself with some brand of course :P

I got myself Innocent World's "Casablanca" High  waisted JSK in pink which I had been eyeing for a good while now. I'll hopefully post a coordinate soon!

It's so pretty! (°◡°♡).:。

I also got myself a pair of dungarees. I hated them as a child, but now I've actually grown fond of them.
Also couldn't say no to this glittering shirt for 5€, I bought it as I went shopping with Vero after one of our exams last week.

Thank you so much for reading.
Have a nice week! (〃・ω・〃)

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