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Lolita Blog Carnival - If you could run a Japanese brand for a day, what types of designs would you push?

Welcome to my first Lolita Blog Carnival entry!
I'm glad to participate, this way I can get new ideas and topics to share here.

So, onto the topic of this week's Lolita Blog Carnival:
"If you could run a Japanese brand for a day, what types of designs would you push?"

There are already so many prints showcasing cats and bunnies, but not too many babushka prints yet! I could imagine a more classical or even gothic babushka print, by using more jewel tones or dark shades.

Already existing examples by Emily Temple Cute and Lief

One more shameless Harry Potter inspired print
Give me Hogwarts castle during christmas time, the feast in the great hall or even scenes like the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets; I'd take them all.

Fanplusfriend already made a good example.

 ♥ Bringing on the vintage spirit
They fit well with classic and likewise otome style - hats ranging from straw hats or cloche hats to  birdcage headpieces. Those are accessories which would bring some freshness to the headgear department instead of just bringing out another headbow.

Go crazy with bags
Bags in more crazy shapes! For instance I'd love to see an owl bag matching to the HP inspired print or a babushka/ matryoshka shaped bag to its matching main piece. Maybe a bag in the shape of a pirate ship to match pirate lolita? Or in a skull shape? I have a bat bag which I love to bits!

Bat bags from titina store on etsy

I hope you enjoyed reading this entry! ( ᐛ )و

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