Sonntag, 26. März 2017

"Goodbye and thanks for all the fish" a fitting phrase when one leaves Norway!

Now I have been back in Austria for over a month and things have been just as I had expected them to be: busy!

Moving was incredibly stressful and I was so happy that I had my mum there to help me move all the stuff from Norway back to Austria. Living up on the mountainside and carrying down boxes, backpacks and suitcases was indeed a challenge!

Living in Norway had felt like an odd, dream-state-like experience; I somehow never had that moment of :"Oh, I'm living in a different country now!" - which I had pretty much expected to surface at some point.

Being back was even weirder in that sense; it wasn't as if I had never left - I wasn't especially happy to leave Norway but neither was I particularly happy to be back in Austria...? I generally felt pretty confused. /(@゚ペ@)

1.5 weeks after my return I was thrown back into my previous college life of commuting 4 hours per day (RIP life 💀), which hit me pretty much as hard as I had expected. Of course I was unlucky enough to catch a bad cold just during the night before college started again which led to me dragging myself there filled up to the brim with herbal tea and drugs. Definitely not an ideal start of the semester! Half-way into that week I realized that I wouldn't get better if I kept going on like that so I resigned to staying in bed and sleeping 90% of the time in order to recover.

I guess that's something that I never learned - when to stop and take care of myself. As a child I was always sent to school even when I was sick, so I believe that might be one of the reasons why I always push myself to continue no matter what.

Additionally I was showered in exams and voilà - I never even though about blogging!
Now I am attempting to finally get all the pictures I took in Norway off my DSLR so I can share the incredible beauty of the Norwegian nature I was able to capture.

I hope to write more about my adventures in Norway soon!

Until then,
Thank you for reading  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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