Samstag, 17. November 2012

Hasenherz und Rabenauge

Heja people :)

It has been another while since I've stopped by!

As you might be able to tell I've been seriously lazy with blogging ...

When I started this blog I promised to share all the fails and victories of bakery & photography with you guys.
So today we're facing a black & white semi-fail.

Here we go!

What I love about analogue photography is the excitement when you hold a folder of freshly developed pictures in your hands and it feels like unwrapping christmas presents - you never know what might be awaiting you !

Good surprises, bad surprises ...?

When I got my second black & white film and opened it with anticipation, I have to confess that as I scanned through the pictures my heart dropped and so did my mood :(

I took lots of pictures of my friends and sometimes I can't even tell who's on the picture because the whole film is totally overexposed.

But oh well, things like these happen.
Let's hope the next black & white ones turn out better :)

What kind of equipment did I use?

Camera: Lomography's Diana F+ in the special edition 'Glow'.

Film: 120 mm, Lomography's Black & White Negative, ISO 100.


I have another Diana F+ film in store, but it shall be saved for the next post ;)

Hope you enjoyed those less enjoyable pictures, haha !

Thank you for reading 


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