Samstag, 5. März 2016

Lolita Blog Carnival - What do you like best about your wardrobe?

Hello again
and oh, it's March already! (゜▽゜;)

...once again time seems to fly by, doesn't it?
Currently I am busy with exam preparations (again) -  so actually I have to blame the lack of recent entries on my laziness throughout  85% of February and on my busy schedule (which has hit me full in the face after the holidays had ended, ugh and I immediately got a cold).

So, it's time for another Lolita Blog Carnival !
I thought this topic was fun and wanted to give it a go ⋆

 "What do you like best about your wardrobe?"

✳ Basically that it contains all the shades of who I am. The elegant girl clad in flowy classical prints. The goth girl swaying in black, dark grey and white. The whimsical girl walking around in happy biscuit and poodle prints.

✳ I can dress however I feel like and bring my mood with me wherever I go! When I'm dressed nicely I just feed on this feeling all day and it makes even the most exhausting days brighter.

✳ I like the bits and pieces of accessories that I have collected here and there, most of them thrifted and I love to wear them with lolita. I feel like this is a way to make my outfits more "me" and more unique.

✳ My hat collection which has been growing over the years. I have been wearing hats on a regular basis since I fell in love with hats at the age of 15. Back in high school my Maths teacher even used to call me "Hütchen" (that means little hat in German) because almost no day passed where I didn't wear a hat to school ( ᐛ )و

Thank you so much for reading! (。’▽’。)♡

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  1. Der erste Punkt spricht mir aus der Seele! ^v^
    Neulich hab ich einer BS-Lehrerin, die meinen Stil (sie kennt mich eigentlich nur in Casual-Gothic XD) immer bewundert, Fotos von der letzten Tea Party gezeigt. Sie war ganz schön geflasht. XD
    Viele Leute können sich gar nicht vorstellen, dass man überhaupt verschiedene Moderichtungen verfolgt, und so diametrale erst recht. XD