Montag, 10. März 2014

Lolita Meet Up in February

Hello again dear readers,

So about two weeks ago (yes, I'm a little behind) a Lolita Meet Up took place in Vienna!
I had been looking forward to this meet up since it had been announced, so I was really excited!

The lolitas gathered next to an underground station before we started off towards the National Library.
I filmed our group a little bit while walking through the inner city of Vienna (I'll add the video during the next days).

Then we took pictures at a square right next to the library!

 pretty Natascha

 Look how cute my flatmate Sylvia is smiling at the camera!

 Of course Katrin came dressed in books ;)

 Katrin and Dani together in their book themed coordinates.

 Eeep, it's Sylvia and me! ;)

 Barbara and I both had carriages on our dresses.

Pretty lolitas!
I posted some of the pictures that turned out best, otherwise I'd flood this blog with pictures, I took so many xD

(I don't know all of you personally, so if you don't feel comfortable with your picture being posted on my blog, please let me know.)

I had decided to wear my newest purchase, IW's Gertrude JSK in black! :3

Outfit Rundown:

bonnet: Metamorphose
flowers: H&M, Primark
necklace: (almost invisible) Closet Child
JSK: Innocent World
bag: BPN
socks: Bodyline
shoes: Bodyline

Group picture by Robert Marco Detoyato.

We went to the National Library's Prunksaal to see the exhibition "Kinder, wie die Zeit vergeht! Kleine Prinzen und große Mädchen in historischen Fotografien".
It basically showed how children were brought up in different centuries and how the society's views evolved through time.

Lolitas in the library and a snap of our surroundings.

Later we went to an Italian restaurant and sat down to chat with each other and have some food.

I really enjoyed the meet up, I wish we could have one every month!!
It's just so nice to get dolled up and hang out with the local lolitas.
The next one is probably going to be in April and I've already started to think about my outfit xD

Ah well, that's it I guess!

Thank you for reading
& have a good day/night!

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