Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Spring Hauls & more

Hi there!

So recently I made a spontaneous purchase and also some more parcels have arrived, one of them containing one of my dream-print items :D

A while ago Sylvia and I went to get some delicious donuts at 'Tasty Donuts'.
It is in the same street as the 'Humana' second-hand shop, so we figured we'd stop by there before induldging on donuts.


We went straight to the traditional clothing department (for we both love Dirndl) and I found a beautiful apron!

I love the deers on it!

Later Sylvia spotted a really nice woolen jacket which is also worn with traditional clothing and in the end I ended up buying it :)
I was sure that it'd also fit some lolita coordinates pretty well!

We also had auctioned some stuff recently (again Sylvia first found the items I ended up buying on the internet xD)

And woohoo!
I can tick one of my dream-items off my wishlist!

Emily Temple Cute's 'Pippi Långstrump' skirt in pink

and the Mermaid OP in creme, also by ETC.

Aren't they lovely? :)

I don't really know why, but this year my buying-lolita-stuff-spirits seem to have high season and so far I've bought an incredible lot ... ^^;

(I'm thinking about posting my purchases collectively to show you what I spoiled myself with so far ^^;
Of course as soon as everything has arrived...
I've ordered some stuff for which I've already been waiting quite a while :-/)

And finally, an outfit in which I wore both of the traditional clothing second hand pieces I got:

I wore this to the birthday party of our friend Mimi  which featured some incredibly delicious food, all prepared by Mimi herself!

It seems I was super busy enjoying the gorgeous food, because I didn't take any pictures of it :P
When we went home she even presented us with a handmade goodie bag each, which contained super yummy cookies (they didn't survive too long ;)) 

The highlight of each goodie bag was a big cookie with pink icing on it; being either a pair of boobs or an ass - I went for some ass xD


That's a good ending for this post I guess!

Due to being so slow with posting recently, the things I want to blog about have piled up!
And there are holidays right now (although I have to work anyways but oh well...xD) so the chances of seeing more posts on here are (kind of) rising! ;)

Thanks for reading!

Have a good time, wherever you may be! 

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