Dienstag, 22. April 2014

A parcel a day...

...keeps the money away... quite definitely!

Hello again!

As I already mentioned in my previous post since the beginning of this year I've totally gone bananas on all sorts of lolita clothing/accessories...

In the last days of 2013 I ordered stuff for the first time in ages... and that clearly was the beginning of my wallet's downfall.

It's crazy, but I love it.
Last week there was almost every day a new parcel in the mail for me.
I stopped buying stuff after February... but ermh well ... started again at the end of March :'D

So let's get to it!
Some of my most recent arrivals:

*unpacking the treasures*

The first item that I got was 
a heart-shaped cookie brooch which is attached to a brown bow.

 A very cute mushroom brooch! 
It was a freebie that the seller had packed with my order! So nice of her!

My long anticipated deer antler headpiece!
I love it so much!!

Last but not least of the batch is a pretty big, but really nice headbow.
I've always wanted to get one matching my old-school Lolita dresses.

 Another item that arrived during the last few weeks was my special edition deer collar by Cute Lou Couture :

(excuse the crappy picture, but that's the only close up of it that I have right now ^^;)

I especially appreciated the friendly service and careful packaging when buying from Cute Lou.
Also the product itself is really nicely crafted! 

I also got three pairs of socks/OTKs last week but I didn't take any pictures yet.

My favourite item arrived a while ago!

I had hoped sooo much for it to arrive in time for the 'Mini-Meet-Up' but I had been rather pessimistic because the girl from whom I bought it sent the parcel on Wednesday and Austrian post service usually isn't particularly known for delivering anything fast at all...

So it was a pleasant surprise when the postman rang my door that morning!


I love it so so much!
I really think this is my new favourite dress in my closet at the moment!

Also it convinced me that it is totally OK for small lolitas to wear long versions of JSKs too.
I had been a bit afraid that it might look weird on me because I'm not tall, but it was totally fine - I adore everything about it!

And... I've been able to - FINALLY - grab one of my dream items!
I've been drooling at Haenuli's 'Enchanted Fawn' skirt in the dark gray colourway for literally ages and when I eventually had decided I had the money to buy it - of course how else could it be - it was sold out and I was super unhappy and angry at myself.

Back then I had written a desperate (and I thought maybe a bit pathetic xD) email to Haenuli's shop asking them about maybe existant last batches of the skirt somewhere and I didn't get a reply ("of course they wouldn't reply to such crap" I had thought) BUT two weeks ago they replied !!!!

It might be a coincidence but it seems they only restocked the item I wanted in the size I had wanted to get... Shin from Haenuli notified me about that per email

... aaand I was immediately super excited and totally emptied my bank account in order to jump on the piece (and scream "MY PRECIOUSSSSS" ...not really but yeah x'D)

Anyways, long story short: WOOHOO Enchanted Fawn is mine!

That's all concerning my recent hauls! ;)

Good night to all of you!


  1. Super cute stuff for you <3
    I adore the cute mushroom brooch :D

    Love, Lisa

  2. Thanks, Lisa!
    Yeah, it's super cute - now I just have to figure out how to coordinate it ;)