Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015

June, a true Lolita Event Month

Hello hello again!

I'm really lucky this month it seems - even though I'm kind of buried in exams and studies there are some Lolita related events happening in June about which I'm really excited! (* >ω<)

1. Last weekend was the summer season's International Lolita Day!

2. I'm going to attend the Grand Lolita Tea Party in Hamburg from 19-20th of June!

3. On the 28th some Austrian Lolitas will travel to Gmund, where we will take a boat trip and go out for some delicious food together!

 I'm SO excited about all of them!

Me and Federica, a lovely Lolita from our local community celebrated ILD together this year, the weather was really hot and we had a nice picknick in a park. We found ourselves some shade to rest in and took some pictures.
 the obligatory selfie!

Thanks go to Federica for taking the pictures!

I finally was able to wear out my dream dress! It was perfect for that kind of weather too, because you can't put on much underneath anyways (no room for a poofy petticoat, just a superlight one!).
The dress is literally shaped like a potato-sack - but I love it anyways xD

 Federica looked so cute in her flowery patterned dress!

Fun fact: 
As we were sitting there a group of guys approached us who were filming a music video for one of the guys' upcoming rap songs and asked us to be part of it! (/^▽^)/

They were SO nice and we had so much fun! Looking forward to the result!

Hamburg is going to be my second time attending a tea party and a really big event. I already planned my outfits and am still continuing to collect accessories to match. It's going to be so much fun!

Considering the boat trip we're going to take in Gmund: that just yearns for Sailor Lolita, don't you think? I still have to think about what to wear, but I already feel that it is going to be gorgeous and a lot of fun. Also it is taking place after I had all of my exams - so I'll be feeling relieved and this trip will be a good reward for all of the studying I still have to do this semester.

Thanks so much for reading through - there's soon more to come!

Good night or day to you! ╰(‘ω’ )╯

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