Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015

✵ Music Discoveries : No Frills Twins ✵

Back again!

This time with a series that I'd like to start doing on this blog.
Say hello to 'Music Discoveries' !

Whenever I find time to do so and am energetic enough I like to roam around the internet, on the lookout for fresh, good music!

It happens quite often that I get hooked on some good new stuff  - and this I'd like to share.
Time to spread some music! (•ˇ‿ˇ•)

...onto tonight's catch!

Stumbled across them while browsing through YouTube and now I can't stop listening:


The Australian twins Arna and Vanessa don't only stand out because of their remarkable eyebrows and - as I think - absolutely awesome fashion style; they also make some cool music!

As far as I read they used to sing in their school's choir, got to like harmonized singing - and from there on they kept making music together!
I think they're incredibly talented and it's amazing that they're just 19 years old!

They're also very much into shopping crazy second-hand stuff! 

 One of their music videos got me absolutely hooked, it's so catchy! (*´・v・)

Isn't it cool?! I just love them, haha!
I also really like their song 'Good Times Australia'.

Check them out:

I think their music and vocal style does sound a lot like 'Marina and the Diamonds' - which I think is pretty nice too. I just adore their funky looks; makes me want to try out some crazier stuff again and raid some second hand stores!

Tell me what you think about them in the comments!

Well, I guess I should finally set off to bed!
Thanks for reading & night night! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


  1. Wow, I like them :D
    They reminded me also on Marina and the Diamonds and on Charli XCX :)

    1. Glad you like them! :) I think they also look so damn cool - their style is so daring and loud!