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Bring & Buy Mini Haul and Dear Celine blouses review

Hello there!

I'm back again and I'm going to throw this post in here - I've been wanting to post about this for months - before I post about some more recent stuff which has been happening!

So a good while ago the Gothic Lolita Austria community held a 'Bring & Buy' event for J-Fashion. I went there with the intenion to buy only what I 'need' at the moment, but oh well...
The items are somewhat in the categories of what I wanted though, so it's cool anyways ;)

I got this BTSSB cutsew in black and white. I really love the lace on the collar and the little details, as well as the colour combination in general.

Next I got another blouse, this time with short sleeves in a nice lilac colour. I checked and the colour actually fits 'Le portrait de Marie' by Krad Lanrete!

The last item I got is this velveteen cape by Innocent World, I absolutely adore the rose lace! This will be a really nice addition to some of my outfits, I'm looking forward to wearing it!

So the second part of today's post will be about an order which reached me about a month ago!
Dear Celine sometimes really makes lovely blouses and I ordered two of theirs back in February via . At first I was a bit suspicious, because I didn't know the site and I wasn't sure if it was trustworthy, but I gave it a try nevertheless.

The experience is definitely a positive one!
It did take quite a long time for the blouses to be made, but the shipping was really fast!

What counts most is that the blouses are extremely lovely, just like they were in the stock pictures. The lace is a dream come true and the material of the blouse is overall really nice-looking. Seldomly there were some loose threads sticking out, but really just very few, which didn't bother me.

I really wish I would have had more money to get more colours than the ones I did get, because I like the blouses just as much as I thought that I would. ; w ; </3
I'll just hope that they'll re-release it again sometime!

Thank you for reading and see you really soon,
I'm working on editing new material & posts! :)

Bye bye! (≚ᄌ≚)

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