Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

Yuki Matsuri Tea Party & haul

Hello hello~ ♪

I've been absent for a bit - ironically the most stressful phase of the semester started today...
Now I really have to take care of my stress levels and make sure that I relax enough while staying on top of my duties for college  - I'm trying my best. 

I'm a good bit late in posting about this event , but as always - my motto is "better late than never" xD
So in February (yes, February) a small tea party took place in the museum of art history in Vienna.

It was great fun! I shared a table with really lovely ladies and the programme was also nicely put together. We enjoyed pastries and sandwiches, as well as a hot and a cold drink of our choice.

There was an outfit contest, a quiz and a valentine box where everyone could put in valentine cards they had written for other attendants.

I even placed second in the outfit contest and me and my group also got second place in the quiz! I won a pretty underskirt by 'Classy Lady' - a Czech lolita brand. I was admiring the designer's one before and was really happy when I won it moments later! :D

Together with one of the lovely organisers, Dani

Rob was so kind to also take a picture of lovely Varis and me!

I got so many cute valentine cards, that made me very happy. I'm planning on putting them on display somewhere in my room. ♡
Also I love this JSK so so much! It's so classy.

After the event was over we went to the building where the convention was taking place and I couldn't help myself, so I did some shopping...

I won  high knee socks by Ergi, bought bloomers, an IW hairpin and JSK and a chocomint ring. So far I've wore all of them except for the socks! The hairpin is probably my most-used item so far. It's wonderfully simple. The JSK is really nice for a more casual outfit aswell!

Some posts about newer happenings are still in preparation! From 4th - 9th of May I went to Amsterdam, The Netherlands and also attended the 'Under The Sea' event and tea party. It was really exciting, but more about that later! There are also some musical news I'd like to write about, the last few weeks have been busy!

See you soon & thank you for reading ♪