Samstag, 18. Januar 2014

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble

It feels a bit funny to start a Lolita challenge on the most unglamourous day of all - I've just been working today and because I've been way too lazy to get up on time in the morning I just snatched the first clothes I could find and put them on. Because sometimes I just don't care :P

Alrighty, let's get this baby started!

01. I recently realized that I've been into Lolita fashion for 7 years now (that's a hell of a long time!) Wearing it "successfully" for about 6 years now I'd say.

02. I've already had two Lolita flatmates, which can be really practical (I can always run over to Sylvia in case of not knowing what to coordinate xD and sometimes we inspire each other on what to wear <3)

03. I have quite a big collection of Lolita clothing (20 dresses and 10 skirts to date); it just kept growing over the years - although I'm still nowhere near satisfied with it.

04. I can't choose a favourite style. I do especially love Gothic Lolita, aswell as Bittersweet coordinates, but I also have a knack for Classic, Sailor, Country and some forms of Sweet Lolita.

05. I recently discovered my love for OTKs.

06. I like to mix some other styling influences into lolita, for instance mori girl or vintagy stuff.

07. When I was in school I wore Lolita almost every day. One teacher even called me "little hat" because I was mostly wearing tiny top hats with my outfits.

08. In summer I always work at a hospital and never wear lolita to work because we have no air conditioning in the office and I'd probably die of the boiling heat.

09. I'm literally obsessed with headgear. I never leave the house without an accessory stuck to my head - may it be bow, flower, bonnet, beret or hat.

10. At school I even had a Lolita friend. It was so awesome to meet up in the breaks and talk about Lolita; after we graduated we spent a holiday together in Japan (and shopped the shit out of hell xD)

That's it for today!

Hope you enjoyed reading ! :)

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