Samstag, 25. Januar 2014

Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita

Good evening!
Onto today's challenge topic!

01. Sit around in Lolita at home. I'd be constantly worried about wrinkling my clothes or getting cat hair on them, so I always change into whatever else I can grab as soon as I'm home.

02. Partying in lolita. I just hate it when the smell of tobacco sticks to my clothes and I especially don't want it on my Lolita stuff. Also drunk people tend to knock their drinks over more often and voilà there'd be another disaster.

03. What I'll never do again if possible: travel longer in Lolita. I don't think it's too uncomfortable, but  in my opinion long distance flights are spent best in fluffy jogging pants.

04. Go to lab class in Lolita. No lolita for me while tossing around chemical substances!

05. Paint in Lolita. I once got acrylic colour on a shirt I had just bought - and oh I don't want to imagine it on my dear Lolita stuff !

06. Go to my summer job in Lolita. We don't have an aircon and my colleague refuses to open any of the windows; so I basically sit in there with as little clothes on as possible xD

07. Go to rock/metal concerts in Lolita. Again drunk people and all the squishing - I'm mostly in the front where the real party is going on, so it's all crowded! Plus again drunk people with no control over their beer cups whatsoever!

08. Go to a music festival in Lolita. Simply, nope.

09. Go to a job interview in Lolita. No need to shock people unaware of Lolita on that occasion. Although I also share the opinion that one's abilities should be ranked higher than one's looks or way to dress, society unfortunately doesn't think that way. Therefore I'd still be myself but kind of 'join in on the game' for a job interview.

10. Wear Lolita before kickboxing class. Would be way too much of a fuzz to get in and out of all those clothes.

Okay back to my studies... 
On Monday I have a huge exam and IT'S SO HORRIBLY boring to study for it! *rant*

Take care & thank you for reading!


  1. Number 2,7 & 8: done. Haha.
    It's not that bad to go to a party in Lolita. I just never wear brand stuff on this occasions but it's still fun. (Especially to dance in lolita!) And there are non smoking areas too at some parties/pubs etc. :3

    1. If my friends would sit in the non-smoking areas then it probably wouldn't be too much of a problem, but usually there are always some smokers, so I guess it won't ever happen xD

      Sometimes I'm just clumsy. I remember I went for some drinks with Yra and another friend while wearing lolita once and tadah I spilt caramel vodka on my dress Dx