Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

Day 7 – 10 people who inspire your lolita style

 Hello and welcome to the challenge of the day!

Alrighty, this is going to be pretty though to answer. I actually don't have specific people who inspire my style, but I do have some sources of inspiration so I'm going to talk about those instead.

01. The daily_lolita community on livejournal. I like browsing through pictures and looking at the pretty coordinates of Lolitas from all over the world. I then take ideas from there and come up with my own looks.

02. Local lolitas. Although I see most of them every few months, some Lolitas of our community inspire me to create new outfits when I meet up with them. This is the best opportunity to collect some real-life fashion ideas!

03. Lolita themed YouTube vlogs. I'm a real sucker for those. I especially like the 'Lolita Blog Carnival' videos and wardrobe or  other lolita tag posts. Make me want to vlog again. My favourite channel of all time is my friend Mimi's (because she's the coolest).

04. Lolita themed documentaries. There are very few that actually are well made, but I adore 'Sugar Coated' by 72U and well also something more non-documentary, but absolutely hilarious are the projects of deerstalkerpictures. Love love love it.

05. Magazines. I love to take my time and browse through issues of for instance the Gothic Lolita Bible and check out the newest trends and craziness brands and fashion lovers have come up with.

06. Blogs written by Lolitas. I follow a trizillion of Lolita blogs and now even my tumblr has been totally lolified because I follow too many Lolita tumblrs so my dashboard is all kawaii now :P

07. Other styles I like. I take inspiration from old fashioned and vintage stuff, mori girl style, gothic style and many more that come my way.

08. My very own fantasies. I've had quite the imaginative, creative head since childhood and this head helps me to think of new craziness to combine, mix and match and also incooperate new ideas into my style.

09. Period dramas. Watching actresses wearing beautiful dresses, ribbons and bonnets... this is what I need to inspire me to wear more Classic lolita haha :)

 I think I'm out of ideas now, so yeah  no 10th point, sorry xD

I'm really fond of the fact that my blog is so active now. Also I've immersed into a phase of total lolita craze; I wish I had the bank account of Bill Gates (guess it would soon be down to half of its previous content regarding my current wanting-to-get-all-the-things mania x')); 

Still I'm more determined than ever to extend my lolita wardrobe and strengthen its weak points (socks, blouses, accessories), even though that will mean that I won't travel as much this year.

Have a good day & thank you for reading!

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